(and start living creatively today)


Women are amazing. We are naturally nurturing, wildly alluring, infinitely strong, and incredibly brilliant… when we let ourselves be.

We think, a lot. Like a lot, a lot (around 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day). And at times these thoughts aren’t all that helpful. We create invisible barriers to our dreams and living creatively; if we’re not mindful, we can spiral into so much self-doubt that we shrink into our beautiful and magnificent selves.

I also bet for some of you after reading that first paragraph you're probably already experiencing some discomfort and a few words like 'she couldn't be talking about me' are circling your mind.  

We let our brilliance dull in the face of the words we tell ourselves either quietly in our thoughts or verbally out loud. Or worse we let another’s words determine who we are even though we know that our true selves are something so much more magical, bright, and luminous.

We second guess ourselves.

We believe the nay-saying voice.

We stay small.

We stay stuck in fear.

And that simply won’t do.

To get you back on track to creating that luminous creative life you desire above all, here are five steps to have you falling in love with your words (and yourself while you’re at it). Are you ready? Good!

Here they are:


1.       Get Aware.

Start paying attention to the way you talk to yourself and take note of the emotions that come up too. The way you feel after a word will tell you a lot about how that word is impacting your life. We connect feelings, sights, sounds, touch, and memories, among other things, to words. The connections are different for all of us so be mindful as to how it is for you.  

Also, pay attention to the words being sent your way from the world around you. You need to be brave and shield yourself from these words until they stop showing up in your life or they bounce off you without a mark. You may need to set up really strong barriers to start, like cutting negative and toxic people out of your life, avoiding the news, turning off ‘downer’ songs, and doing things that make you feel off or bad about yourself.

By doing this you are sending a clear message to the world that you won’t put up with those sorts of things in your life and you are also building your intuitive muscle. Trust me, this works a charm when you stick to it, which brings me to…


2.       Catch Yourself.

Now that you’re aware, catch yourself before you go to say the words that lead you down the slippery slope of 'stuckness' or catch yourself from going into a situation where a hurtful word is flung your way. Any funny vibe you get from someone or something, trust the vibe. It’s something you’ve experienced before and it is telling you to steer clear. I know this can feel challenging at times because you 'feel mean'. Know that those words themselves are also words that are not helping you! You don't need to be mean at all. Be kind and still trust your intuition. Which leads to...

3. Cut Out.

Cutting that word out of your vocabulary and life. As soon as it comes up, turn away from it. Don't even give it a moment to register in your mind. To make this easier on you, cut out (or limit contact with) people and situations that bring up this word until you have mastered it. Yes, you have to be brave, and yes, it may feel uncomfortable until it starts to change. Know that you are brave enough and you can do it, and it will change. To help with this...    


4. Turn Around.

Replace a word you cut out with a word that lifts you up instead. Whenever we remove something from our lives, we are left with a space, which we want to fill up. Unfortunately because it can feel uncomfortable we can fill it with whatever comes along, but I would recommend you fill it with something that will positively move you forward. 

Rather than saying I can’t, try I can. Impossible, possible. Hard, challenging. Fear, excitement. Move away from the limiting words and start to use the expansive words, even if you don't believe them to start. The more you use them, the stronger the connection to the new word and what you want becomes. And lastly...


5.        Be Gentle.

Through every step, be gentle with yourself. Be kind and loving. When a word that you're trying to shift slips through, it's OK. You may feel tempted to beat yourself up. Please don't. Instead celebrate your bravery for wanting to change. That is such a huge thing to do. Take a #breathbreak, give yourself a hug, and focus on the word (and life) you want instead. You got this and I'm cheering you from afar. 


Did the 5 Steps strike a cord?

They could strike a cord with another woman too. Please share along to help other women fall in love with their words so they can start living creatively today. Together we can make the world a more uplifted, empowered, conscious and courageous place to live in.