5 women share how they're making it happen

5 women share how they're making it happen

Nothing inspires me more than reading the stories of women and what they’re doing to push boundaries in their own lives and in the lives of others. And in how they dare to dream a dream of paving their own path in the world and then making it happen.

When I look at these five women there are similarities in their spirit. A real desire to create communities that dare others to perhaps live a little differently or see the world a little differently, to bring joy into life every day, to live their passions and make it happen in whichever way they can. 

A generosity of heart, love for what they do and for the communities they have created, drive, vulnerability and passion, and also a deep sense of looking after themselves too. 

Surrounding themselves with their beautiful families and loving partners and people that support them is also a key ingredient. 

They inspire me every day as do the countless women around the world who keep striving to make it happen for themselves and to bring a little more love into the world through their actions.

This post is one to be savoured, where you can curl up on the couch or when you are taking a moment to breathe and appreciate the world around you.

It is beyond my pleasure to share these stories with you and their advice for how they are making it happen and how you can too. 




From restorative yoga and meditation classes, wellness coaching and a monthly women’s circle, Fiorella Kis-Major’s The Nourishing Goddess is a haven for women on their journey towards wellness and self-care. 

Opening her blog posts, videos and newsletters with 'hello beautiful goddess', you really do feel like a goddess when you connect with Fiorella. 

Her passion for inspiring women "who are in need of a pause button" began when she overhauled her own life after rebelling in her 20's. 

She had fallen into a destructive relationship and way of life that left her constantly unwell to the point that she developed amenorrhea where her periods stopped altogether.  

This was the ultimate sign that she needed to make a change and in 2009 began her Nourishing Goddess journey studying for her Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching in Sydney.

A new direction

“Building a new life for myself was challenging but highly rewarding," she shares. “Letting go of friends who couldn't accept my new healthy self; letting go of relationship patterns that focused on broken men who needed my ‘help’; inviting in new ways of moving, exercising, relaxing; and inviting in a positive attitude around food as medicine and my body image."

“I realised my happiness had to come from within, not relying on anyone or anything external to feel ‘whole’.”

On making it happen

When I asked Fiorella about how she is making it happen and what advice she has for other women who want to make it happen, she shared: 

“In this day and age, we want it all, and we want it now. From the time the alarm goes off in the morning, we speed through our days flitting between goals and deadlines and sighing about the dreams in our heads." 

“Lunchtime is spent scrolling through social media and responding to emails, never once taking a nourishing bite of our food. Once we get home, the TV offers a distraction from the myriad of distractions during the day. We hit the pillow late and think to ourselves 'why am I so tired...?'"

My best advice for goddesses wanting to make it happen: Stop. Trust. Breathe.
— Fiorella

“This has been my biggest lesson in setting up a Yoga and Meditation business, and as an Aries who knows how to push, push, push only too well, it has been the greatest act of self-care to take a step back." 

“Making it happen to me is about allowing the natural flow to channel through you. When you feel inspired to create, do so. When your body is telling you to rest, do so. Making way for space in your life often allows something new and exciting to enter, something that you may have missed out on if you were too busy pushing.”




A shining beacon for young mamas, Roxanne Ford was inspired to create Baby Mamas after she found herself being judged and criticised for being a young mum at 20 years of age. This was despite never for one moment believing her life was over or that she wouldn’t be able to achieve everything she set out to do in her life. 

She rejected the label bestowed upon her as the stereotypical young mum. She could never understand why people wanted to make it harder for a young mother by constantly reinforcing the expectation of failure.

“I can’t help but wonder how many in a minority could go on and do great things if we were just a bit kinder to them and more supportive of helping those who need it,” she said.

A beginning

After searching online in the hope of connecting with other young mums and seeing them kicking butt in life, she realised there wasn’t a resource available and so she created it.

Baby Mamas was born.

“My passion and focus is making it happen for young mothers in their teens to early 20's, in giving them encouragement, love, support and inspiration to be proud of who they are and what they're doing with their lives. To have no fear in bettering themselves and chasing their dreams and I try to live my life as an example of this."

“A lot of the inequality we face as women is highlighted in the way young mothers are treated too. Right from pregnancy through to parenting: the judgment, negativity and discriminatory stereotypes are always there (ever hear negative stereotypes about young dads? No? Exactly)."

Resources for young mothers

On Baby Mamas, Roxanne provides a beautiful free eBook 'Shine Bright Like A Diamond', The Baby Mamas 'Ten Commandments' poster filled with uplifting affirmations and a private Facebook group when you sign up to join the Baby Mamas family. 

You’ll also find a range of inspiring articles and stories of other Baby Mamas making it happen in the world too.

Support for all women

“Even though my focus is on helping young mothers make it happen, I stand united with my sisters around the globe who fight for women’s rights and equality in any dynamic or form." 

“We need to stand together in breaking the barriers that many women face and I'm proud of everything International Women's Day stands for."


Andrea and Raquel


Ecuadorean-born, sister duo Andrea Paez-Warner and Raquel Paez-Riccardo have always had dancing in their veins and they knew it would be a part of their lives, although perhaps didn't realise how big a part it would play.

Now the co-directors of Salsabor, a dance school based in Canberra, Australia, with its own studios and classes held around the city, they can't imagine doing anything else.

Raquel began Salsabor in 2005 as a hobby business between her work and life commitments, but her passion for the dance kept drawing her back to the desire of doing it full-time. And so after a stint living, working and dancing overseas with some of the best international dancers, Raquel arrived back in Canberra and began Salsabor full-time.

The power of family

Supported by her family from the beginning, the true beauty of Salsabor that shines through in every facet of the business is that nearly every member of the Paez family is involved with the school. 

Andrea came on board as a co-director in 2010, their brother, Alejandro, is an instructor, their sister, Julia is the Creative Director, and their parents are always at events helping out or dancing away themselves. The love of dance is so strong that Andrea and Raquel both naturally also met their husbands dancing.

They are known for their community and inclusiveness, with many students staying on to become instructors. This love for Salsabor has helped them grow to become one of the largest dance schools in Canberra, and it helped them bounce back quickly after their studios burnt down in 2013.

Within a few months they'd found new premises and transformed a very run down office space into stunning new studios where they give classes on Salsa, Samba, Bachata, Burlesque, Reggaetton, Hip hop, Zumba, and, this year, Barre Attack.

Raquel and Andrea even collaborated in 2011 to create the Canberra Latin Dance Festival, which is now coming into its fourth year, putting Canberra well and truly on the international Latin dancing stage.

It all comes down to passion

Their passion for dance and the support of their community is really what made Salsabor possible. They are even more committed to sharing their love of dance. 

“Have the passion for whatever you are doing," Andrea shares. "Passion drives motivation, ideas, and our relentless drive to make our business the best it can be." 

“From passion is having goals and achieving them by checking in each week with each other; asking for help and systematizing our business (this is our main goal this year); and to keep learning and educating yourself. We've invested heavily in this recently and we can't wait to see what this will do to our business."

“One piece of advice for other women who want to make it happen too: be passionate and surround yourself by people that believe in you!" 




It took Kylie a while to settle on her passion, flitting from job to job, wanting to do something that let her feel like she was making a difference in the world. Although her background was in events management, and she did land a dream job in production management for TV, music festivals and concerts, still that niggle remained. 

Listening to the niggle

In 2012, Kylie began studying to become a personal trainer and that is where Be Your Radiant Self came into being. As her journey has evolved so has her business to now help women with their complete wellness journey.

“In 2013, I started reading blogs about self-love and wellness and I was hooked. I now practice it most days (let's be honest here) and feel even more amazing than I did with just exercise and good food."

"I find myself just randomly smiling because I am genuinely happy with myself and my life. I want to share this feeling and love with women everywhere! We all deserve to feel this way and I have made it my mission to spread the love!” she said.

As a personal trainer and certified wellness coach, Kylie offers a range of wellness coaching, personal training, and an online program. She also provides events mentoring to other wellness coaches who want to start running their own events. 

And now a soon to be, first-time mum, Kylie has a special pregnancy and baby section on her website providing wellness advice to mums and mums to be. 

Making her mark

“Hard work, dedication and passion is how I am making it happen for myself. Running your own business can be full on, but it is so rewarding at the same time and I wouldn't have it any other way." 

“Also, self-care is uber important as well. Exercising, nourishing my body, relaxing and doing things that make me smile every single day helps me be a better business owner and a better coach or personal trainer to my clients." 

Supporting women

“I love to support and encourage other women in the same industry as me. I don't see them as competitors; they are women doing amazing things and helping women all over the world. It is inspiring to watch them grow; the green-eyed monster has no place here."  

For other women wanting to make it happen Kylie offers this advice:

“Love what you do! If you don't love what you do and are passionate, you won't be happy and success won't come your way. Find that thing that makes you want to work even if you won the lottery and never had to work again.” 



Aren't they amazing? It takes a lot of daring to make it happen and I believe every woman has this daring within them.

Are you inspired to make it happen? If you enjoyed this article, please share with other women who may want inspiration to follow their own dream of making it happen, whatever their IT is.

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