Set yourself up for a creative 2017 + free worksheet.

When you look back over your past year, really look, you'll truly get to see that a lot has happened and that there is a lot to be grateful for regardless of what it brought you.

When the clock strikes midnight on 31 December, you will have opened your eyes to 365 days, breathed on average 8,409,600 breaths and spoken approximately 5,918,475 words. As to your thoughts, you would have experienced around 18,250,000. Not all great thoughts but they were yours and they are to be treasured all the same.

I know for many it's a year that you may want to see the back of as soon as possible. But before you firmly set your sights on 2017, I'd like to encourage you to take some time now to first make peace with the year that was. 

Why? You ask.

I do believe in having a vision to work towards to guide your path. A vision gives you direction and focus when there are many shiny distractions tempting you along the way. And in this hyper-connected reality we live in now distractions are many and not always helpful in getting you to where you want to go. 

But if you try and move forward without putting to rest the year that was, you may find yourself being dragged back to unresolved goals, incidents, and events. Again distracting you from your path and maybe even keeping you stuck longer than you'd like in something that no longer serves you (like relationships, businesses, jobs, and habits). I know it has for me.

Looking back over your year is also great for figuring out what did and didn't work and to consolidate any learnings to rejig your vision. You don't know what you don't know and so when you learn something new it can change your priorities, goals and desires. This has also happened to me.   

To start a new year clear and fresh, it is important to put a line in the sand. To make peace with your past and make way for your future. 

I like closure and I have learnt that true closure begins and ends with you. If you are waiting to get closure from someone or something else, you could be waiting for a long time. It will leave you hanging and disconnected, and you cannot move forward properly as your true self when you are feeling this way. It is up to you to make that decision for closure. 

There has been nothing more empowering than taking the power over my life out of someone or something else's hands and handing it back to me. I want to provide a space now to allow you to do the same so you can find your own closure and make peace with your year. 

I want you to celebrate all the wins, acknowledge the areas that didn't go according to plan, to say thank you and give gratitude for what was, and to give yourself the clarity to move forward with what you've learnt... or not, as sometimes the lessons come later. That is OK too. Having everything out in the open, as you see it, allows your lessons to appear when you are ready for them to be known.

The important part is being willing to courageously look back and see it all. And coincidentally, if you follow along with numerology, 2016 is the end of a nine year cycle. If you have had lots of things ending this year know that it's coincided with this cycle. A closed door doesn't mean another won't open. Every closed door I have experienced has always brought me closer to my real desires even if it didn't seem that way at the time. Now I feel a little wiser in being OK with an ending as I know something else is around the corner. This exercise will help you bring to light the endings that happened and give you an opportunity get clearer on the doors that you'd like to open instead at the start of a new cycle in 2017.

To help with this closure and to set you up for a brilliant 2017, I have prepared a simple worksheet as a gift to guide you. It's an editable PDF with questions to prompt reflection. Pop in your details below and you'll receive the worksheet in your inbox to download direct shortly after.

Once you download the worksheet, you can type straight into it from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, or if you'd prefer to write everything, print it out.

If you find it of use or believe someone you know could do with some closure too, please share it along.

I hope you have a wonderful end of year and time with the people that matter most to you. This will be the last article before She Loves launches officially in 2017! See you then and get ready for lots of goodies and resources to have you taking full advantage of that year-one cycle next year to fully embrace your creative you.



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