Easing into autumn + a free playlist.

Easing into autumn + a free playlist.

The last of the summer days are upon us in the southern hemisphere. The mornings are dawning later and soon daylights savings will end as we greet another winter. But before we get to the rugged up hibernation of winter we get to enjoy the beauty that is autumn.

Although I love all of the seasons, autumn is one of my favourites. The morning light is divine. There is still a warmth to the days but they're not as stifling as summer can be. The change of colour in the leaves is a little bit magic, and the sea holds a comforting warmth to swim in with the warmer currents having slowly made their way south over summer. For me, autumn also brings a desire to slow down and start to embrace what has come your way over summer. 

Over the course of my life, the seasons have gently guided my steps. Spring brings energy and new beginnings; summer movement and growth; autumn rewards and fruition; and winter completion and reflection. But for the last few years, as I've been intentionally flowing with the seasons and planning out my year according to them, it's quite amazing how everything has been falling into place with more ease.

Our bodies even work better when we flow with the seasons instead of against them. But with food from all the seasons available all year round and artificial lighting available all day, our bodies have become confused. We've forgotten how to tune our natural rhythms to the sun and moon; to nourish ourselves according to nature's cycles; to rest according to our own energy needs.

If you're wanting more ease in your life, start looking to nature. And if you've been feeling a shift with autumn nearly here, I wanted to share a few ideas that you may want to consider to ease you into the new season with ease.

Eating for autumn

The beauty of eating for a season is that you know the food is expressly suited for your body at this time. If you eat local and organic produce there is also a greater chance that you'll eat seasonally as well. Not only do you support your system, you also support local industry. 

For autumn, produce that is seasonal include apples, bananas, figs through to asparagus, beans, and beetroot. You can see a full list of Australian produce here. You may want to take more vitamins to support you during this time as well as seasonal transitions are known to bring on the sniffles, tiredness and viruses.  

Moving for autumn

With autumn you may feel yourself starting to slow down especially as the weather seems to be warm one day and cold the next. It's a good time to be gentle with yourself for the first few weeks as you transition. If you are feeling tired, take a day off between your work outs or work out for a shorter amount of time. Choose more gentle work outs, like yoga or walking, until you feel your energy go back to normal. 

Sleeping for autumn

You may notice your energy starting to wane a little with summer on the way out. This is a good time to get more rest. Go to bed earlier, take mini breath breaks during the day, do more gentle movement, until you feel like you've eased into the new energy of the season. 

Dressing for autumn

With the temperatures cooling from the heat of summer, now is the time to wear layers. You'll have days with heat and then days of cold or days of heat and cold (at least we do in Melbourne). The fluctuating temperatures can make you more susceptible to viruses as your system spends more time adjusting, so by being prepared for all types of weather you'll be able to better manage. 


Ease into Autumn Playlist

Something else that really helps me find more ease every day is music. 

If I'm needing quick calm (or a pick me up!), I plug in some music and feel the calm come on in.

I've been making playlists for years and had made this autumn playlist to ease me into the new season. 

I've made it public on Spotify so you can ease yourself into autumn too.

What lights you up?

What lights you up?