Love the skin you're in.

Love the skin you're in.

The journey of your life takes a lifetime. Taking little steps every day, learning as you go, putting yourself out there, riding the waves, and being open to what comes your way. 

It doesn't suddenly all come together and you're done. It is continual, a daily practice.

I've had moments thinking, "I've gone through this already. Urgh! Why is this happening again?" And then, knowing I have a choice around what words I speak to myself and allow to be true, I've realised that it's not happening again it's simply the next level of moving through life.

Life doesn't get easier, you simply become better at navigating it.

What helps you become better is looking after yourself. When you feel well, it becomes easier to flow through life.

When you are healthy in mind, body, and spirit, you can take on almost anything. Yet for some reason looking after our health seems to be the first thing to slip when life gets hairy. 

If we continually looked after our health, life's up and downs would not have as much of an impact on us. We'd also not revert back as easily to ways that keep us stuck.

The most successful and in flow I've ever been in my life is when I've been actively practicing daily wellness. Some refer to it as self-care or balance; I simply see it as a natural and essential part of daily life.

And that's why I wanted to share about my recent experience at a workshop where I learnt about organic beauty with Emmily Banks from Depths of Beauty

Emmily is a professional make-up artist making waves in her industry. She is the only one that uses all organic and natural products, and is the only purely organic make-up artist in Australia. Wild right? But amazing that she is being a pioneer in her industry.

She is passionate about changing the beauty products we use, to not only embrace our own natural beauty but also to make a stand for the environment, animal welfare and our health.

It's no secret that the products that many of us use daily on ourselves are filled with chemicals and synthetic agents, which have been proven to affect our health. This effect is the reason many leading organic beauty products exist today. 

At the workshop, Emmily shared the story of the RMS Beauty founder. While working as a professional make-up artist she became incredibly ill. When she went to see a doctor the first thing he asked her after seeing her test results was if she worked in the beauty industry. The products she was using were making her sick, so she decided to do something about it.

First of all, scary that these mainstream products can have such an adverse effect on us.

Secondly, worried that the doctor knew about this effect but nothing serious has been widely or actively done about it.

Thirdly, hoorah (and thankful) for the trailblazers like Emmily taking a stand and doing something about it.  

Now, if you've tried organic products before and felt disappointed by them, I hear you. I tried a few in the early days and the consistency and quality wasn't all that great. That's changed. They're continually working to improve them as well.

Another thing that may have dissuaded you from making the switch in the past is that it can be difficult to find the best ones for you. That's where Emmily comes in. She loves to trial and test everything to make the switch easy and breezy for us. That way we don't end up wasting a lot of time and money searching for the product that is right for our skin. All of her current recommendations can be found on her website, Depths of Beauty. And she not only looks at make-up, she also covers skin care, hair care, sun care... if it has to do with beauty and the body, she covers it. 


Before attending this workshop with Emmily, I'd already begun switching over my beauty products and my household cleaning products to more natural alternatives.

I'd had a few trial and errors but was starting to find some good products. Coming across Emmily though has opened up a whole new range that I'll check out, including finally coming across an organic deodorant that works.

If transitioning to organic and natural beauty is something that you've been considering, hopefully knowing about a few of the products now available to you will make the transition easier. I know it did for me.

I'll list out a few products that I use and some others that Emmily suggested at the workshop and on her blog that I'll be switching to. I still use a few that aren't 100 per cent organic or purely natural as I hadn't found alternatives that did the job but now, watch out! I'll also keep popping back here and updating the products I use.




I already had a few Inika products, including one of their blush pots and make up remover, which I loved. Although I now use coconut oil to remove my makeup and it is hands down the BEST make up remover, without actually being one, that I've ever used. And after testing their new primer and liquid foundation from the little Inika trial pack we were given in our workshop goodies bag, I'll be switching to those two products for when I need that little extra cover.


A friend had mentioned RMS a while ago, but it wasn't until I trialed it at Mecca Cosmetica that I made the switch. Absolutely adore this brand. I don't wear a lot of coverage daily so their 'Uncover up' is ideal. Once I've slathered my face in natural sunscreen, I'll use Uncover up under my eyes, to cover any pesky pigmentation, around my mouth, and that's it. It's the best. I also use RMS Living Luminizer for that extra glow on my cheek bones and their black mascara.


Ilia is one of the products Emmily mentioned during her workshop and it's stocked at Mecca Cosmetica. I went and had a play with the lipsticks on the weekend and walked away with this beautiful bright corally pink one. I'll have to report back but so far in love with the creamy texture and the vibrancy of the colours of all of their lipsticks.

UPDATE: It's divine. Creamy, vibrant and soft on the lips. I now also use their foundation with 20SPF.

100% PURE

I love liquid eyeliner and have been using it ever since my 20s, but was having difficulty finding an organic replacement until I came across Luk Beauti Food, which stock a 100% Pure liquid liner. It gives you a beautiful black line but I found that it can flake later in the day. Still love it as an alternative.



In love with these organic, vegan and raw lip balms. I use the Chamomile SPF 15 Sun Balm every day. I also have the Moon Balm for when I go to bed and the Black Cherry tinted lip balm when I want a little bit of colour. Considering we eat any product that we put on our lips, I want to make sure that whatever I use is 100 percent edible. 




For my night moisturiser I currently use a cosmeceutical. It isn't organic or 100 percent natural but it is free from parabens and a bunch of other nasties. Once it's finished I'm going to switch to a Mukti  serum and will also try an Edible Beauty moisturiser that Emmily recommended as part of her own personal routine (see the link above). It's so exciting that there are other options now as Mukti didn't always have these.

Update: I now use a Mukti moisturiser and Age Defense Night Serum.


I don't have any Mukti products yet, however, a few of my friends use them and love them. I will be giving a few of their products a go. Emmily sprayed us with the rose scented toner and it felt divine. I'll report back once I have a play. 

UPDATE: I now have the Rose-scented Toner, the Foaming Cleanser, and the Age Defense Night Serum, and I can highly recommend. I apply the toner to a cotton pad after I've removed my makeup to make sure my face is definitely free of make-up. Then I spray some of the toner before putting on my night serum and moistruiser. I also use their Vit C serum for the day under my sunscreen. 




Very excited to learn about a natural deodorant that works. I'd  been using an aloe vera crystal deodorant in winter but in summer, oh dear. It did not work at all and I had to start using a regular deodorant BUT not for much longer. Emmily recommended Axilla Deodorant Paste by Black Chicken Remedies that you can buy from Beautiful Because. And now that I think on it I had heard about Black Chicken a while ago but it was during the phase when all the natural products I tried did not work so I'd put on the blinkers. 





Some people swear by coconut oil as their body moisturiser. For me it made me feel all itchy. It's great as a makeup remover and OK when I use it on my shoulders and chest but if on my legs, itchy central. It can also leave you feeling a little oily because it doesn't absorb all that well into your skin. I think it's something you have to try for yourself to see how it works. 




I've been using natural hair products for over six years. At the moment I'm using the Davines Naturals range. It's been really beautiful. They're not organic but they are free of a lot of the nasties.

Another hair care option to try that is organic is the Mukti hair care range. My friend swears by it.




So there's a list for you to look into as well as check out Emmily's website. And you must check out the Think Dirty app that Emmily also told us about at the workshop. I've been a bit obsessed with ever since.

You can scan in all of the products in your beauty cupboard or look them up in this app and it will tell you what's in it and what they can do to you. Eye opening.

Emmily also recommended two Australian online stores that you can source all of these beautiful products.

Beautiful Because

Nourished Life





With all of these new lovely products to explore, one thing I wanted to highlight is that this is never about having to hide under makeup or that you're not already beautiful without it. Real beauty comes from within and shines out of you. Makeup is something you can use to add to your already existing beauty. Going organic and natural is to bring in more of a natural, glowing beauty.  

Another way is to nourish yourself through the food you eat. It was lovely and perfect that Natalie from Greene Street Juice was at the workshop with her divine cold-pressed organic elixirs.

Even if you don't drink juices, begin to nourish yourself with organic and fresh produce. Your body, your health and your skin all depend on the nourishment you provide through the food you eat. And why not make it as clean as possible?

Drink more water, filtered if possible, to keep it hydrated and flush out toxins.

Eat more wholesome organic, local and seasonal produce.

Move your body daily for at least 20 minutes.

Be your own hero. Make choices that will support and nourish you even if they seem a little scary at first. And consider the world around you. We may not be here for a long time in comparison to the planet but why not make this time significant and meaningful, filled with health and wellness?

Keep checking back here as I share more ways to live a creative life. I'm really passionate about helping you be brave, trust yourself, and do what's best for you and often that can start with making small yet significant changes through what you allow into your life and into your body.



Feel inspired to change what you use on your skin?

Maybe someone else will feel inspired after reading this article too. Please share along. You never know whose life you may impact for the positive.


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