Owning your voice in life (it's never about finding it).

Owning your voice in life (it's never about finding it).

When I was a kid I was pretty confident in saying what I needed to say. Things came out as they landed in my brain as they do with kids.

There was no censoring, no inhibition, no shame, there was simply my truth and curiosity as I saw it at the time. This was the same for other kids too and probably even you.

And then as we grew, we became more aware of our words and how people reacted to them. Perhaps there was laughter, or ridicule, or offense, which led to lashing out or telling us we were wrong, or there was indifference, so after a while we learnt to censor and keep our words to ourselves. 

We no longer felt safe to say what we needed to say and soon stopped trusting our own voices. The ones that had so much to say but no longer did. 

Where we used to make fun cards for people, we packed away the pens, paper and scissors.

Where we were the first to put up our hands, we looked around to see who would put their hand up instead... or not put them up at all.

Where we used to do things we loved, we set them aside as things from our childhood.

All because others didn't like what we'd made, said or written. We believed our words weren't good enough. And in some cases we started to mimic rather than use our own words.

The thing is, it's our words that we keep tucked inside that are the ones that we need to share the most. It's these words that are what form our voice, what set us apart from everyone else trying to say something too.

It's that voice that we want to hear and it's that voice that you already have. The voice that you've been hiding away because you don't believe you are creative enough or smart enough. It is your words, your unique words, that will help you stand out. It is those words that you need to own. It is those words that will help us uncover your essence of what makes you, you.

Your opinions, little quirks, turn of phrase,
desires, energy, style, and dreams. All of those things.

We want to see and hear words that appear like they're coming from a real person. We also look for the energy and realness of what we aspire to or can relate to.

All of this comes out in your words.

So, how do we bring out your voice, the one you already have but have kept to yourself? 


The first step to do that is to...

Begin trusting yourself.


How do you trust yourself? 

Eat the fear.


How do you eat the fear?

Start speaking, writing, or creating.


How do you start speaking, writing, or creating?

Anytime an idea comes up, jot it down, share it, start it.
Then jot down some more, share some more, start some more.

Then keep doing that...

Until your words come out. All of your words.

And when that little voice comes up saying...

delete it

you can't share it

they'll laugh

you're not good enough


IGNORE IT. Keep jotting. Keep speaking. Keep creating.


That is honestly how you begin to own your voice again.


Keep creating. Ignore the nasty voice. Trust yourself.


Create how you feel.. all the emotions, and energy, and heart...

Speak from your soul... the big dreams, deep desires, giddy highs...

We want all of that.


All the experiences that you've gone through.

We want those.


Your opinions and ideas.

We want those.


Be brave. Be bold. Be you.


We definitely want that.


Own those words. All of them. They are your voice.
And it's your voice that'll be heard.

It's your voice that will make the difference.


Ready to fall in love with your words (and your life while you're at it)?  

Remembering, it matters.

Remembering, it matters.

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